Highlighting the Journey

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When I started this portfolio storyboarding and prototyping process, I struggled with deciding what direction to take. I felt slightly overwhelmed by the idea of putting all my work in a succinct manner. Through multiple drafts and enlightened conversations, I was able to produce an iterative display of my work that is a strong reflection of my ability.

EME 601 Introduction to Instructional Design

This course introduces participants to the systems approach to instructional design. The major components of instructional development models will be presented. This course provides introductory information and application of skills and techniques necessary in the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction (often referred to as the ADDIE framework). This course will consider these issues at both the curriculum (macro) and lesson (micro) level.

Credits – 4

PSI System Analysis Monereau

EME 602 Theories of Learning and Cognition for Instruction

The course is designed to provide you with the distinctions and concepts necessary to apply various theories of learning, cognition and instruction to traditional and distance learning settings. These theories are tools that educators, administrators, instructors, counselors, parents and many others can use to make their endeavors more productive and useful. This course will introduce and illustrate the proper use of these tools in providing insights into defining and solving problems. The emphasis will always be on the use of these theories to solve realistic and relevant problems drawn from your own personal experience or from cases we will study.

Credits – 4

EME 611 Principles of Learner Motivation

This course focuses on theories and concepts of human motivation. Students explore what motivates students to learn, and examine strategies, techniques and interventions that promote and sustain learner motivation.

Credits – 4

EME 603 Inquiry and Measurement

Professor: Dr. Holly McBride

This is a foundational course that addresses inquiry and measurement concepts at a level appropriate for master’s degree students. Through this course students will learn concepts and acquire skills that will help them make data-based decisions related to learning and human performance.

Credits – 4

As an instructional designer it’s expected that you can “design”. I have always had an eye for the visual need to communicate your message. Check out my various designs for clients over the years.

Monereau Design

EME 605 Introduction to Distance Learning

Professor: Dr. J. McKeown

This course examines the uses of distance learning in education and training environments as distance systems are increasingly used for teaching and learning. Distance education will be investigated as an instructional method in terms of delivery, development and implementation. Students will design a distributed learning system that uses emerging technologies that support distance delivery.

Credits – 4


Trying New Tools